Guillaume Ayoub

Guillaume Ayoub

I am a software engineer working as a freelance developer, consultant, teacher and teacher. A good part of my time is spent with my family, friends, Free Software, Python, HTML and CSS specifications, and a little bit of typography. I live and work in the beautiful city of Lyon, France.

Free Software Development

I am a free software creator and developer, here are some of the projects I have taken care of:

  • WeasyPrint, a document generator based on web formats;
  • Radicale, a calendar and contact server;
  • CairoSVG, an SVG images to PDF or PNG converter;
  • Pyphen, a text hyphenation library.

Training & Consulting

I am currently giving lessons, training courses and lectures related to my main expertise fields:

  • Python,
  • HTML and CSS specifications,
  • Web development,
  • Git,
  • Free Software,
  • Horizontal management and holacracy…

I also help companies on software architecture and development projects.


If you want to talk about your projects, my services, to complain or to send me kind words, you can send a mail at